Saturday 6th June, 2009 @ King George V Playing Fields, Hereford, ENGLAND.


Nikki of KINN

Lars of KINN

WOW! That was the reaction after watching Kinn for just a few minutes.  An explosion of sound and activity and it’s just what you want from a young vigorous rock band. It was an refreshing change to watch a band that were interested in actually entertaining and the catalyst was without doubt Nikki the vocalist who understood totally what being a front-man is all about.


These may sound obvious things, but it is amazing just how many bands never have it, never figure it out or lose sight of it somewhere down the line and are consequently very disappointing on stage. But not with Kinn, these guys know how to stir up the crowd, you’re simply not allowed to ignore them and it was just what we needed after a number of lacklustre acts. Fashioning a mad shock of straight black hair, the vocalist is so animated and full of postures and poses; he rarely stands still dashing and jumping all over the stage and uses direct interaction that demands your attention. This was nicely complemented by the slightly more restrained but equally enthusiastic performance from Tomm E (lead guitar) and ‘local boy’ Lars (drums), who both seemed to be enjoying themselves hugely. In fact visually, the only very slight criticism is maybe that the bass player should try to loosen up some and show a little more passion in his performance.


Punching out a classy form of metalized hard rock with bags of melody and well sung vocals, the bands intensity would produce enough energy to power a small town. Dropping in well placed and nicely executed guitar solos along with a firestorm of infectious riffs, it’s the sort of music that can lift a crowd and with a little encouragement have them clapping and singing along. And that is pretty much what happened here tonight with a very good response and the set flashed by so quickly. They gave a professional performance that for me came close to rivalling The Electric Blues Reaction for our band of the festival. It is also worth noting that they have a three track demo available (which will be reviewed very soon – err, thanks Nikki. The tight sod charged me for a review copy). This is a band that are definitely worth catching live and also to keep a close watch for further recordings.

Nikki of KINN Tomm E of KINN

Review and Photos by Dave Yates

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