(Now known as THEDEVININ)

Featured track: "Escapism"

Roy Keepax - Vocals
Joe Greig - Guitar
Joe Poole - Bass
Tim Preston - Guitar
Calum Croft - Percussion


Based: Bridport, Dorset, England.

A DIY recording that sounds surprisingly good, this is a genuinely unique experience that’s starts with a patient build up of a moody guitar groove and then bursts open with the most odd vocal style ever. It’s a high pitched screech that torments the eardrums, its vocals for bats; it’s amazing and like fingernails on a blackboard grabs your attention. And all the while the music continues to progressively paint detail onto a stormy backdrop.

Since this song was recorded, they seemed to have shortened their name to ‘The Devil In’ and have also changed the vocalist (out goes Louis Slow and presumably the odd style).  A new EP waits to be mastered and it will be interesting to see how their sound has developed and how the new vocalist fits in.




 Featured track: "Parking Machine"

Guitar : Alexis HADEFI
Guitar : Sebastien ARRIGHI
Vox : Emeric SEMIN
Bass : Loic LABILLE
Drums : Nicolas GOUSSOT

Based: Paris, France.

The EP from which this track was lifted was reviewed (click here) and highly recommended by back in October 2004.  “It’s a chaotic metal conflict of rhythm and tempo against a backdrop of enraged vocals, which joust with a haphazard jazz-shaped design that dissipates any remaining conformism to create a structure with no edges. It bubbles with anarchic neatness and fierce convulsions of irregular energy in a composed frenzy of hyperactivity like a freak Darwinian brew of Dillinger Escape Plan, Canderia and Converge.”

They are due (if it isn’t out already) a new EP called “System Oversize Crashed” (again mixed by Kurt Ballou of Converge) which promises to be awesome - check out “Under My Dependance” on Myspace, its inspiring.



Featured track: "Decay"

David Hamilton-Smith - Vocals
Crispin Da Costa - Guitar
Duncan Harrison - Guitar/Keys/Samples
Chris Walsh - Bass Tom Bicknell - Drums

Based: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.


Beginning with gentle ambience and melody before erupting into an angry and atmospheric outburst that continues to shape and power onward in a heavy progressiveness reminiscent of Cult Of Luna.  Finishing as it starts with a calm reflective quality, this eight minute journey takes you deep into caverns as well as clear over mountain tops.

They have been recording a split EP with The Psyche Out Musikland Big Band which should be released anytime now (if its not already out there).  It should be captivating and promises to be epic.



Featured track: "Guy Fawkes (Where You At Now)"

This is a spiky, jarring and to the point performance of punk flavoured new wave rock, delivered with jazzy barbs and always aggressively passionate. It’s violent while remaining cerebral.

It is believed that these guys have split - shame.



Featured track: "Antediluvian Motherfucker"

Based: Nottingham, England.


The Nottingham instrumental crew deliver a slab of throbbing downtuned heavy metal with enough fuzz and distortion, strafing riffs and wailing guitars to keep even the most enthusiastic headbanger busy. There is plenty of detail to keep you interested while at the same time remaining raw and unrefined enough to avoid sounding contrived.

They have recently done a split EP with fellow heavy-instrumentalist Mothertrucker out on Calculon Records that should be an absolute stormer.




Featured track: "...And Then The Mannequin Spoke"

Edward - Drums
Mate - Guitar
Eva - Vocals
James - Keyboards
Joe - Bass

Based: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

A schizophrenic spazzy sound which incorporates amongst other things, an irate female vocalist and something that sounds like a cross between a Hammond organ and a Dubreq Stylophone. But if you’re thinking Evanescence featuring Rolf Harris, forget it! But there are some elements of Rolf present because this is splodges of guitars and keyboards blotched here and there and it takes until the end to see what it’s about.

The Sheffield band have a self titled EP out on Holy Roar Records and if it’s anything like this track it will be totally mental.



Featured track: "Isla De La Luna"

Based: Berlin, Germany.


A track from the German instrumental metal band taken from their debut mini-album from 2003 entitled Fogdiver. A brooding passion filled and progressive dose of multi-layered texture and complexity, crushing riffs tempered with melody in epic fashion.

An early example of this bands work, who now have a vocalist.



Featured track: "Macabre Party Progress"

Andy Rodger - Guitars/vocals
Helen - Drums
Andy Price - Bass/vocals
Ryan Tyrrell - Guitars/vocals

Based: Coventry, West Midlands, England.

Jazzed up and funky frolicking flowing into soaring metallic expose of chaos, all melded together with rasping vocals and melodic group chanting.  It’s a non-conformist performance that still holds together as a plausible song and somehow still contains a groove. At time crushingly heavy and at others as gentle as…  well as a flower.

The Coventry experimentalists are currently looking for a vocalist and despite only being around for a couple of years have already managed a DIY full length album entitled 'Discordance' and coming soon an EP 'Split Lips & Cocktails' from which this track is lifted. On the promise of this track they should be well worth checking out.



Featured track: "Wind Of The Rat"

Dave - Vocals
Jeff - Guitar
Gish - Guitar
Perry - Bass
Rich - Drums

Based: Poole/Bournemouth, Dorset, England.


This is a very slow smouldering sixteen minute song, which builds from gentle guitar meanderings, almost going out at a few points but just about maintaining a focus, before awakening in the last couple of minutes in a grisly mood.  It’s snow on a white canvas, in a very heavy dark frame. Extremely ambient on this offering with laidback tinkering in epic proportions forming an extended introduction to a short song! It’s experimentally epic and you want to hear more.

They have released a Split 12" with Flatlands (featuring the track “Celebrity Fat Cunts”) on SuperFi Records as well as recently adding a third track to their demo EP, which has been reviewed (click here).  Hopefully they will have an official release coming out on Sound Devastation Records this year and also possibly a limited edition CD on SuperFi Records - expect all recordings to be marathons.



Featured track: "Frank Sinatra; I Want Your Head On My Desk First Thing Tomorrow Morning"

A discordant and chaotic assemblage of chopping riffs and screaming vocals leading to an altogether more structured and melodic crescendo. A track containing a bit of everything and it actually works well, resulting in a memorable song full of character.

These guys have split which truly is a shame, but look out for 'Scirrhus' featuring two ex-members:



Featured track: "Universal Will To Become"

Richard Loader (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards)
Greg Zucker (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals)
Steve Mitchell (Drums)

Based: Essex, England.


The Essex post-rock trio create an atmosphere of their own in this astonishing mature masterpiece, which transports you away floating amongst the stars in an awesome headswim of a trip. A song that slowly builds and delicately shapes with such confidence, sounding the way everyone wishes Radiohead should sound, but even better!

They released their debut album 'All These Worlds Are Yours' through Middle Name Danger Records on 27th September 2005, which slipped by us somehow but is now on the top of the shopping list.



Featured track: "I Am The Carcass"

The musical brainchild of Justin Godfrey and Cayle Hunter (guitarist with Will Haven) and also includes Mitch, Mike and Jeff (also from Will Haven) for the self-title album that was released by Undergroove on 4th April 2006.

“I Am The Carcass” is crushing down-tuned riffs and savage vocals, monolithically heavy and while the Will Haven signature is obviously present it is immersed into a deep sludge of EyehateGod proportions.  The album should be awesome.

The project ran for 3 years and Justin called a halt to things during October 2006, with the exception of the possibility of one further studio album (if he can find a label to sponsor it).



Featured track: "Like Its Your Last"

Based: London & Gloucestershire, England

The closing track taken from the “Darkness Prevails” EP which was reviewed (click here) and received 9/10 from back in September 2005. “’Like Its Your Last’ creates such a sumptuous thick atmosphere, an atmosphere so dense you could fall back into it, sinking deep as it absorbs your fall -  it’s a blast furnace


of intensity that’s tempered by the flickering of melodic flames.”   The band are currently recording their debut album.


That's the end of PART ONE - thirteen awesome bands of new talent, giving a great taste of what fantastic music there is out there.  PART TWO will be coming soon, featuring 11 more acts of note and completing the second disk of the Sound Devastation compilation.

Rigsby  (26th October, 2006)
(Sunshine Republic updated: April 2007)

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